IW Hockey just got even better by offering our own IW Hockey Stick Tape. We carry two different styles of blade tape: traditional cloth tape and grip pads. The cloth stick tape is produced by Renfrew, who is one of the top tape manufacturers in the hockey industry. The cloth tape provides extra control and absorbs more energy when receiving passes to make it easier. The IW Hockey BladeTape Hockey Blade Grip Pads adhere to both sides of the blade and have a ridge pattern to increase puck grip and control. The IWin Renfrew IW Hockey Stick Tape is sold in 6-packs and is available in black or white. It also qualifies you for our IWin membership program where you can great perks like the best discounts off each order, free return shipping on skates, member-exclusive promotions and priority same day shipping. Click one of the following links for more information on how to get involved in the Inline and Ice Warehouse IWin programs!
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