IW Hockey offers a huge selection of Youth and Junior Hockey Goalie Blockers to fit any goaltenders needs. IW Hockey offers Goalie Blockers for various levels of protection, sizing and styles. For additional fit and sizing information check out the IW Learning Center page.

Bauer Hockey Goalie Blockers Junior & Youth

  • The Bauer Reactor 2000 Goalie Blocker has been sized down for junior goaltenders playing up to the intermediate levels of play. The Hybrid/Battlefly style design is perfect for aggressive goaltenders that prefer to challenge the shooter.

    Colors: 2
  • The Bauer Prodigy Goalie Blocker provides excellent performance and protection. The scaled down size and reduced weight allows youth goaltenders to have fun and focus on learning the game instead of their goalie equipment.

    Colors: 1
  • The Bauer Supreme One70 Goalie Blocker offers protection suitable for play up to the intermediate level and has been scaled down to fit juniors. The One70 is designed for the butterfly style goalie, and is constructed from lightweight materials delivering maximum net coverage.

    Colors: 0
  • The Bauer Reflex Street Goalie Blocker offers super lightweight protection for recreational street hockey and ball hockey goaltenders. The outer shell is constructed with nylon materials with the Reflex design and logos screen printed on.

Vaughn Hockey Goalie Blockers Junior & Youth

CCM Hockey Goalie Blockers Junior & Youth

  • The CCM Extreme Flex 400 Goalie Blocker offers similar protection features as the more advanced models without the high end cost. CCM's new blocker was designed to maximize wrist mobility, stick handling and passing, perfect for the active goaltender.

  • The CCM Extreme Flex 400 Goalie Blocker is designed for youth goaltenders with smaller hands. The scaled down size allows younger goalies to focus on gameplay instead of being weighed down by heavy oversized goalie equipment.

Reebok Hockey Goalie Blockers Junior & Youth

Mission Hockey Goalie Blockers Junior & Youth

  • The Mission SLYDE Series Goalie Blocker is extremely lightweight yet offers pro level roller hockey protection. The SLYDE blocker is geared towards the butterfly style goaltender but will benefit any style of play because of the lightweight protective materials used.

    Colors: 2

Tour Hockey Goalie Blockers Junior

  • The Tour Evolution 6000 Goalie Blocker is specifically designed for the street hockey goalie playing at the recreational level. The Tour 6000 line of street hockey equipment offers good protection and features that will help you make saves like never before.

  • The Tour 400 Goalie Blocker is specifically designed for ball or recreational street hockey. The Tour 400 offers a lightweight design that allows junior goaltenders to make quick blocker saves.

    Colors: 1
  • The Tour Invader 150 Goalie Blocker features a thick 1" foam blocker board reinforced with plastic insert for increased shot protection. The blocker board is angled allowing additional wrist mobility and control over rebounds.

    Colors: 1

Mylec Hockey Goalie Blockers Junior & Youth

Franklin Street Hockey Blockers Junior & Youth

  • The Franklin 1400 Goalie Blocker is a great choice for the dek, ball and street hockey goaltenders. The ACD vented Pro-Flex cuff provides goaltenders with great mobility and breathability to keep them cool and comfortable during a heated game.

    Colors: 1
  • The Franklin Comp 100 Street Hockey Goalie Set is a great starter kit for the young street and ball hockey goalies. Franklin included a full set of leg pads, catcher and blocker to get you on the street, making saves in no time. The pads and gloves are constructed of durable nylons with foams to offer lightweight protection and a cool look.

    Colors: 2
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