Tapered Hockey Blades are designed to work ONLY with Tapered Hockey Shafts. Here at IW Hockey, we carry a wide selection of Tapered Blades, ranging from Full Composite Blades for indoors, full ABS Fiberglass Blades for outdoors, Classic Wood Blades for a traditional feel and Crossover Blades for benefits of both ABS and Wood Blades.
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Bauer Tapered Hockey Blades Senior

Bauer Tapered Hockey Blades are designed to work with Tapered Hockey Shafts only. The APX2 Tapered Blade is nearly identical to what is featured in the one-piece Bauer Vapor APX2 stick, featuring the Aero-Sense blade core that turns back to the hands of time to offer a puck feel much like the classic X:60 stick.
  • The 2016 Bauer Vapor 1X Tapered Composite Blade is Bauer's premium tapered blade offering. The 2016 1X blade utilizes the same high-quality TeXtreme carbon fiber that's found in the one-piece stick. This large, flat-weave carbon fiber is not only 20% lighter than traditional carbon, but it's 20% stronger too. Internally, Bauer used their Aero Foam blade core, which is a single-density design that offers excellent puck feel and pop.

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  • The Bauer Vapor 1X Tapered Composite Hockey Blade is the premier offering in the Vapor line from Bauer. This 1X replacement blade utilizes Bauer's premier and exclusive TeXtreme™ carbon fiber. TeXtreme™ is not only 20% lighter than traditional carbon but it's also stronger too. Internally, the Vapor 1X blade features an Aero-Foam core that offers excellent puck feel, pop and durability.

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Alkali Tapered Hockey Blades Senior

Alkali Hockey offers Tapered hockey blades for a classic feel and shot profile. Alkali carries both the RPD Comp and RPD Lite so you have the choice of two types of blades. The Comp utilizes a wood core so you can still get the same puck feel as a wood stick but it has a fiberglass exterior for durability. The Lite utilizes a all fiberglass construction that is lightweight and durable. Tapered blades are only compatible with tapered shafts.
  • The Alkali RPD Comp Wood ABS Tapered Hockey Blades are an excellent choice for those looking to use a blade outdoors that offers a traditional wood feel. The blade is tapered and only fits into tapered shafts. This decreases the hosel's and the blade's height by 1", resulting in a lighter and a better balanced 2-piece stick. The internal wood insert gives players the classic wood puck feel while the high strength fiberglass carbon laminate allows it to be used on rough outdoor surfaces like asphalt and concrete.


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  • The Alkali RPD Lite ABS Wood Tapered Hockey Blades utilize one of the most durable and long lasting construction processes for outdoor blades on the market. It's also unique to find an ABS wood blade with a taper. This decreases the height of the blade and hosel by about an 1", resulting in an overall better balanced stick with a lighter feel. This full ABS blade is reinforced with impact resistant fiberglass to insure the blade will last on rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt.

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Frontier Tapered Hockey Blades Senior

  • The Frontier F-Ashwood Wood Tapered Hockey Blade is ideal for the player who wants traditional feel but with modern day durability. The F-Ashwood Blade features a solid, ashwood core and a reinforced fiberglass sock exterior. The heel of the blade utilizes unique ABS fiberglass, greatly enhancing longevity.


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  • The Frontier F-Xover ABS Tapered Hockey Blade is a premium option for players who want traditional puck feel and top of the line durability. The F-Xover has a full ABS core with an ashwood insert that not only enhances a player's sense for the puck but it also reduces about 10% of the weight compared to a full ABS blade. This robust and balanced design can be used on all outdoor surfaces like asphalt and concrete. 


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Sherwood Tapered Hockey Blades Senior

  • The Sherwood 950 Tapered Wood Hockey Blades offer players a traditional puck feel with solid accuracy. The 950 blade is constructed of a high quality white ash core that is fully reinforced with multi-directional fiberglass. This durable addition runs from the toe of the blade all the way into the hosel to not only provide excellent durability but it helps to keep the blade face square to the target, resulting in accurate shots.
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True Tapered Hockey Blades Senior

  • The True A6.0 SBP Composite Tapered Hockey Blade is the top of line, tapered option from True Hockey. Just like the one-piece sticks, these A6.0 SBP blades feature exciting BRT or Braided Rib Technology. This all new construction process was able to make blade 50% stronger than the previous A6.0, making sure that the great puck feel will stick around and last. The True A6.0 SBP blades also come with a 30-day, limited one-time replacement warranty like the one-piece stick warranties.

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Warrior Tapered Hockey Blades Senior

  • The Warrior Dynasty HD1T Composite Hockey Blade is the premium, tapered blade option in from Warrior this year. The HD1T utilizes pro-spec, 12K carbon fiber just like the true one-piece. Internally, Warrior provided the HD1T with their premier Hardcore X Foam Package with Uni-Spar Reinforcement, offering top notch puck feel and responsiveness. 

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