The Bauer Vapor Limited Edition X100 and X60 Ice Hockey Skates showcase sleek-looking quarter packages that have bright lime green accents that add a bright pop of color and style. Both the X100 LE and the X60 LE skates feature the signature Bauer Vapor X-Rib Design, which are the ribs seen when looking at the heel that create excellent stability and support for quick acceleration and aggressive turning. These Limited Edition Vapors also utilize the new Tuuk Edge Holder that is 3mm higher in the front and rear post to allow players to turn even tighter than before without bottoming out. Additionally, the Tuuk Edge Holder has a quick-release trigger system that allows the steel runners to be swapped out in seconds, keeping players on the ice and not on the bench during practice and big games.

Watch our video review on the Bauer Vapor X100 LE to see the limited edition details up close.

NEW Limited Edition Bauer Vapor Ice Skates

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