This year's Mission Hockey Girdles feature exciting new 37.5 technology in the Pro and Elite models, keeping players cooler and fresher than ever before. The Pro model features customizable protection with the option to remove the padded belt and the lower thigh guards.
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Mission Roller Hockey Girdles Senior

  • The Mission Pro Compression Roller Hockey Girdle is the perfect girdle for roller hockey with padding that can be customized to the preference of the player. Mission utilizes perforated high-density foams for exterior protection and comfort foams where the foams wrap around the body.

  • The Mission Elite Compression Roller Hockey Girdle is designed with roller hockey in mind with its ventilated and lightweight protection. It features 37.5™  technology that utilizes body heat, that's prevalent in roller hockey, to evaporate the moisture from sweat to make players even lighter on the rink.

  • The Mission Core Roller Hockey Girdle is a lightweight and well ventilated pad for the recreational level of play. The single-density foam padding is vented to provide maximum air flow and is also segmented so it wraps around the body for a comfortable fit. 

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