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MIssion Hockey has also taken their Inhaler series over to their Goalie Skates so goalies can still feel that great flow throughout their feet. The series is broken down into the FL1 and FL5 so you can get these quality skates at better values.

Mission Roller Hockey Goalie Skates Senior

  • The Mission Inhaler FL1 Roller Hockey Goalie Skates offer top of the line protection that goalies look for to gain an edge over the competition. The Inhaler FL1 roller hockey goalie skates provide a similar feel as the extremely popular Mission Axiom G7 roller hockey skates but with new innovative features that will enhance your game.

  • The Mission Inhaler FL5 Roller Hockey Goalie Skates offer innovative new features and protection that will improve your game as a goalie. The Inhaler FL5 offers similar protection as Mission's top of the line Inhaler FL1 goal skates.

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