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Mission Butterfly Goalie Leg Pads

Mission is a division of Bauer Hockey specializing in Roller Hockey specific Goalie Gear. The Mission Slyde Goalie Leg Pad is specifically designed for the Butterfly style goaltender looking for maximum net coverage and stiffer construction. IW Hockey offers a wide selection of sizes and various levels of protection to meet every goaltenders needs. For additional information on Sizing or Selecting a goalie leg pad check out the IW Learning Center page.
  • The Mission SLYDE 2.0 Goalie Leg Pads have received an upgrade over the previous model, offering more efficient sliding technology by improving placement of the sliding plates. In addition to the improved plates, the Slyde 2.0 pads have a new Pro knee that helps cushion the impact on the hips and knees of roller goaltenders, a welcome addition considering the increased stress that occurs on the body from playing on tile compared to ice.

    Colors: 2
  • The Mission Slyde Series Goalie Leg Pads offer pro-rated performance and are specifically designed to bring a whole new experience to the game with their new SLYDE technology. For the first time Mission's SLYDE construction allows roller hockey goaltenders to slide along the playing surface emulating ice hockey play.

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