The Mission Hockey Padded Shirts debut exciting 37.5 technology in both the Pro and the Elite models. The 37.5 technology helps to speed up the evaporation process of your sweat, keeping you fresh and cool. The Pro version features customizable protection, allowing players to remove either the shoulder caps or the bicep guards, or both!

Mission Hockey Padded Shirts Senior

  • The Mission Pro Compression Padded Shirt is designed with protective customization in mind. Both the high-density shoulder pad and molded plastic bicep guard are adjustable by velcro nylon straps and fully removable if desired. 

  • The Mission Elite Relaxed Padded Shirt provides just the right amount of protection for roller hockey. It utilizes perforated foams strategically placed to keep players mobile. The foams in the sternum, back, and sides/kidneys are slightly thicker to maximize protection without sacrificing mobility.

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