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Performance Hockey Neck Guards are more common in higher division hockey because they offer a low profile, lightweight feel. The Performance Neck Guards are still BNQ Certified and are made of various types of cut-resistant materials such as Aramid Fibers and Kevlar.

Performance Neck Guards

  • The Bauer NG 37.5 NLP22 Premium Neck Guard w/ Bib is the next generation bibbed neck guard that provides excellent protection from ice skate blades by utilizing DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers which are highly resistant to cuts. 37.5™ moisture wicking technology in the liner uses your body heat to evaporate the moisture from the fabric while releasing any heat between the neck guard and your skin. This results in a 5 times faster drying time than other similar fabrics. The anti-odor feature in the liner rejuvenates each time your wash it. BNQ & CE certified.

  • The Bauer NK22 NecTech Neck Guard with Bib is consider the most comfortable neck guard with bib by Bauer. The woven and aramid fibers offer a thin design that demonstrates a less noticeable feel, while offering a high-level of protection. (BNQ Certified)


  • The Reebok 11K Hockey Neck Guard Collar is Reebok's premier neck guard. The improved thin design makes this neck guard feel like you were wearing a turtle neck shirt. The unique molded shape and vented stretch material makes this one of the most comfortable neck guards on the market while still offering pro Kevlar protection against cuts. (BNQ Certified)

  • The Easton EQ5 BNQ Hockey Neck Guard Collar with Bib offers great comfort with additional protection. Easton use an entire Kevlar® construction inside for sound cut protection, and implements a very low profile design. (BNQ Certified)

  • The Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guards uses premium cut resistant Kevlar®, which offers excellent protection and maintains a low profile thin design.  The Shock Doc Ultra neck guard provides increase comfort ability. (BNQ Certified)

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