Performance Hockey Neck Guards are more common in higher division hockey because they offer a low profile, lightweight feel. The Performance Neck Guards are still BNQ Certified and are made of various types of cut-resistant materials such as Aramid Fibers and Kevlar.
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Performance Neck Guards

  • The CCM RBZ 500 Hockey Neck Guard is the premier neck protector in the RBZ lineup. The RBZ 500 showcases Dyneema™ cut resistant material to give you the best cut protection while being breathable as well. The neck guard boasts a molded design that promotes the best comfort and includes a bib for added protection.

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  • The Bauer NG 37.5 NLP22 Premium Neck Guard w/ Bib is the next generation bibbed neck guard that provides excellent protection from ice skate blades by utilizing DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers which are highly resistant to cuts.

  • The Easton EQ5 BNQ Hockey Neck Guard Collar with Bib offers great comfort with additional protection. Easton use an entire Kevlar® construction inside for sound cut protection, and implements a very low profile design. (BNQ Certified)

  • The Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guards uses premium cut resistant Kevlar®, which offers excellent protection and maintains a low profile thin design.  The Shock Doc Ultra neck guard provides increase comfort ability. (BNQ Certified)

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