Pro Guard has been in the hockey industry a long time so they know what it takes to get better and develop your game. Pro Guard offers hockey goals and training aids along with helmet, hockey stick and knee hockey accessories. For every aspect of your game, Pro Guard is there to take it to the next level.

Pro Guard Hockey Goals and Nets

Pro Guard offers two regualtion sized goals so you can get one that suits you best. The Elite 9900 is outfitted with 2" steelpipes and twice the thickness as other hockey goals to prevents dents from hard shots. The 8900 is constructed of 1.5" steel pipes and standard thickness for solid dent protection. Both come with 5mm thick nets to increase durability and prevent ripping. Replacement nets are available as well so you don't have to replace the entire net.

Pro Guard Hockey Training Aids

Pro Guard knows what it takes to win so they offer Training Aids to get you prepared for every game. Pro Guard has their Hockey Slide Board for skating training, Skill Pad Shooting Board to develop better shooting and stick handling and Shooter Trainers to increase your accuracy. Pro Guard also has Blister Guards to prevent any rubbing or discomfort in your boot.

Pro Guard Hockey Helmet Parts and Accessories

Pro Guard features various Hockey Helmet Accessories to help maintain and clean up your helmet. Pro Guard offers Anti-Fog Cleaner for keeping your visor clear along with Helmet Repair Kits and various helmet pieces so you can easily replace any missing or broken parts.

Pro Guard Hockey Stick and Skate Accessories

Pro Guard offers Hockey Stick Accessories to keep your weapon of choice at prime condition. They carry Blade Butter Stick Wax to increase puck control and protect both your blade and tape.

Pro Guard Knee Hockey Goals, Sticks and Accessories

Pro Guard features their Mini Goal w/ Shooter Trainer so you're youngster can develop their shooting game starting at a young age. The lightweight PVC construction allows you to take it anywhere and the shooter trainer is easy to remove with velcro straps.
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