Reebok Roller Hockey Girdles Senior

  • The Reebok 11K Roller Hockey Girdle is a low bulk compression style girdle with good protection.  The 16-Way stretch mesh body provides excellent mobility and ventilation.

  • The Reebok 9K Roller Hockey Girdle is a compression style girdle offering advanced protection.  The 16-way stretch Lycra† construction allows for an excellent fit and helps wick away moisture.  This construction is going to hold the pads close to your body giving you great protection along with great mobility.

  • The Reebok 7K roller hockey girdle is similar to the 5K girdle but features more segmented foams and the outer shell is constructed from a 4-way stretch mesh. Also added is a stretch crotch gusset for added mobility. The 7K also has plastic inserts in the tailbone padding for added protection.

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