Reebok Hockey has been a driving force in the hockey market when it comes to elite protection. Reebok teamed up with the NHL to release their KFS (Kinetic Fit System), which provides great mobility and protection in all the right places. This technology is seen in their hockey shoulder pads, hockey shin guards, hockey elbow pads and ice hockey pants. Their protective gear offers a close fit to really increase responsiveness and coverage. Reebok also has a hand in the roller hockey market, showcasing roller hockey pants and girdles so you can get the same protection and mobility.
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Reebok Elite Hockey Helmets

The Elite Helmet Category is for the elite-level player who's on the rink 3-4 times a week, for the player who's looking for maximum protection or for the player who plays in a full-contact league. These Reebok helmets feature a unique free-floating EPP foam liner with a carbon fiber sub shell that provides premier protection with a fully customizable fit.
  • The Reebok 11K Hockey Helmet is designed with overall safety as a top priority. Five specific criteria were used as guidelines to a holistic approach in designing Reebok's best helmet ever! First, the helmet absorbs the scary high impact hits as well as it does with the more frequent, less intense hits that can be just as damaging over time.

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Reebok Performance Hockey Helmets

The Performance Helmet Category is for the player who plays 1-2 times a week, regardless if it's rec league or good ol' pick up hockey. These Reebok Helmets offer a distinct advantage over most other manufacturer's in the this category, they use a high-grade EPP foam that is generally reserved for elite-level helmets. These helmets and their EPP foam liners offer a lightweight feel with a high-level of protection.
  • The Reebok 7K Hockey Helmet offers certified protection and solid comfort for the price.  The 7K features the same shell design as the rest of the Reebok line. The 7k is a step up from the 5k by offering a subshell. The subshell (with carbon print) used is light, stiff, and breathable making the 7k helmet better ventilated and lighter than the 5k.

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  • The Reebok 5K Hockey Helmet offers solid protection with a very comfortable fit. The 5K features the same overall design as the 4k helmet, but showcases an upgraded liner. The 5k includes the same Comfort Cushion liner featured on the 7k. These pads offer a player maximum comfort right out of the box.

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Reebok Recreational Hockey Helmets

The Recreational Helmet Category is designed for the youth or entry-level player. These Reebok helmets are a great, price-sensitive option that matches the level of protection entry-level players need. The Junior helmets are designed specifically for the youngsters and it let's them wear a helmet that looks very similar to what some of their favorite NHL players use!
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