Inline and Ice Warehouse carries a good selection of Recreational Ice Skates. These are perfect for skaters looking for inexpensive and comfortable recreational ice skates to cruise the pond or local ice rink on.

Women's Recreational Ice Skates

  • The Bauer Women's Flow Recreational Ice Skates are a comfortable, affordable skate perfect for skating around the pond with your family or on those special dates at the skating rink. The Bauer Flow ice skates come with a warm and comfortable nylon liner,  an ankle strap for extra support along and the #1 selling TUUK blade holder for an ice hockey skate look and feel. Unlike Bauer hockey skates, these Bauer Flow skates run true to women's shoe sizing.

    Sizes Available: 5.0, 11.0
  • The Jackson Softec Sport Recreational Ice Skate are built for premium comfort while maintaining a traditional hockey skate look and feel. The durable nylon quarter package offers good support and stability, while the 3M Thinsulate liner keeps feet warm even in the coldest conditions. The hockey-style blade holder comes with runners that are pre-sharpened from the factory, meaning they are ice-ready right out of the box.

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