Reebok is a leading manufacturer Hockey Goalie Equipment. The Reebok Premier line is specifically designed for the Butterfly style goaltender looking for maximum net coverage and stiffer construction. IW Hockey offers a wide selection of sizes and various levels of protection to meet every goaltenders needs. For additional information on Sizing or Selecting a goalie leg pad check out the IW Learning Center page.
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Reebok Butterfly Goalie Leg Pads

  • The Reebok Premier XLT Pro Goalie Leg Pads improve upon the exceptional quality of the extremely popular Premier series by including features such as a bindingless flat inside edge for an improved seal to the ice and Crosslink foam technology to help kick rebounds out with authority. A product with the Lefevre name brings high expectations, and the XLT leg pads more than live up to them.

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  • The Reebok Premier X28 Goalie Leg Pads are an excellent choice for the serious goaltender that wants a high quality pad without the high price tag. With features such as a bindingless flat inside edge for an improved seal to the ice and high quality foams used throughout, this pad is a butterfly goaltender's dream.

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  • The Reebok Premier X24 Goalie Leg Pads are constructed with high quality materials and are intended for the Intermediate level goaltender. With features such as a non break outer roll for predictable rebounds with maximum coverage, and a large knee block for quicker butterfly closure, the X24 leg pads are a great choice for butterfly goaltenders looking for an inexpensive but high quality pad.

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