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IW Hockey offers various Reebok goalie ice skates to choose from including the Reebok 20K, 16K, 14K and more. Various sizes and levels of protection are available ensuring you get the most performance out of your goalie skate. For more information on general sizing check out the IW Learning Center page.

Reebok Hockey Goalie Ice Skates Senior

  • The Reebok 20K PUMP® Goalie Ice Hockey Skate features top of the line materials, construction and performance for goaltenders playing at the elite level. Reebok's new Dynamic Support System "DSS" incorporated into the skate boot solidifies the skate increasing support.

  • The Reebok 16K PUMP® Goalie Ice Hockey Skate is designed for goaltenders playing up to the advanced levels of play. High end materials and performance features are used in the construction of the 16K goal skate including Reebok's Max Armour™ V quarter package and Dynamic Support System "DSS".


  • The Reebok 14K PUMP® Goalie Ice Hockey Skate features solid construction and materials providing intermediate level performance and protection. The quarter package on the 14K goal skate are constructed using Reebok's Max Armour™ V for improved durability and skate stability.

  • The Reebok 12K Goalie Ice Hockey Skate features is a sublimated nylon quarter package construction for added stiffness and durability. The 12K goalie ice skate is designed for the entry and recreational level goaltender providing solid lightweight protection.

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