Let's be realistic. Being a referee, you're going to get hit with the puck, whether it be on accident or intentional, so IW Hockey has got you covered with Hockey Referee Protective Gear. Our variety of shin guards, elbow pads, and girdles will be sure to give you that protection you need.
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Hockey Referee Protective

  • The CCM SG100 Hockey Referee Shin Guards are designed specifically for the referee with premium features to keep you protected. The outer shell is made from molded plastic to help deflect stray pucks that hit you. The interior liner is designed with a suspension system that separates your leg from the inner shin guard. 

  • The Bauer Supreme 1000 Officials Referee Shin Guards offer a great level of protection in a compact package designed specifically for refs. 

  • The CCM EP100 Hockey Referee Elbow Pads provide lightweight protection in a slim, low-profile design. A molded plastic elbow cap and bicep guard protect you from the flying pucks that will inevitably hit you. 

  • The Bauer Supreme 1000 Official's Referee Elbow Pads are excellent elbow pads for refs. Bauer has specifically designed the Supreme 1000 ref pads for refs needs by making them extremely low profile along with a fit that is more designed for arms being extended rather than bent like player pads.


  • The CCM RPG100 Pro Referee Girdle Pant Combo provides you with the best of both worlds, offering a quality referee pant lined with the protection you need on the ice. The pants are constructed from Ripstop nylon for excellent durability all the way around.


  • The Bauer Supreme 1000 Officials Referee Girdle was specifically designed to offer just enough protection for refs to take the zing off any stray shots or collisions. The Bauer ref girdle maintains a lightweight feel with the mesh short like design.


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