The Recreational Helmet Category is designed for the youth or entry-level player. These Reebok helmets are a great, price-sensitive option that matches the level of protection entry-level players need. The Junior helmets are designed specifically for the youngsters and it let's them wear a helmet that looks very similar to what some of their favorite NHL players use!
Traditional Contoured Tapered Traditional Contoured Tapered Flexible Contoured Tapered Flexible Contoured Tapered Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Reebok Recreational Hockey Helmets

  • The Reebok 3k Hockey Helmet is the most affordable helmet in the Reebok line and has the same great looks as the flagship 11k helmet. The 3k is a unique because it's just about the only entry-level model helmet to feature a tool-less adjustment feature.

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