IW Hockey offers the Sherwood GS350 series. Wood goalie sticks tend to be heavier than composite or foam core sticks but offer superior durability and are typically significantly less expensive. For more information check out the IW Hockey learning center page on how to Select and Size a goalie stick.

Sherwood Hockey Goalie Wood Sticks Intermediate

  • Sherwood G5030 Wood Goalie Sticks Int

    The Sherwood G5030 Hall Of Fame Wood Goalie Stick turns back the hands of time with legendary looks and a classic feel. Sherwood didn't just stop there, for the first time in a long time, the G5030 HOF sticks will be made north of the border in Canada. Construction-wise, Sherwood kept it traditional with an aspen shaft with laminated birch wood. Ash and fiberglass laid over the blade and paddle help to reduce vibration while also increasing durability. 

  • Sherwood G530 Wood Goalie Sticks Int

    The Sherwood G530 Wood Goalie Stick offers a durable construction with a traditional wood feel. The G530 shaft is made of aspen and laminated birch woods. The paddle and blade showcases a white ash/fiberglass construction to add durability and reduce vibrations. The 530 goal stick is an excellent value for a reinforced wood goalie stick.

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