Sisu has drastically improved on how the mouthguard feels with their ventilated design that allows you to drink, breathe and talk without feeling like there is anything there! These mouthguards are packaged flat and come in both a 1.6mm and 2.4mm thickness so just follow the easy steps and you get the perfect customization for your mouth.
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Sisu Mouthguards

SISU Hockey Mouthguards are designed to have an extremely low profile so that you can talk, breathe easily, and drink without taking out your mouthguard. Even with the low profile fit, the mouthguards are significantly stronger and disperse impacts better than traditional mouthguards. SISU teamed up with CCM hockey to give hockey the innovation and technology of SISU.
  • SISU Kids Mouthguards are perfect for children ages 7-10 and are made from 100% kid safe materials that protect 30% better than conventional mouthguards. SISU's ultra-thin 1.6mm profile makes for easy breathing, talking, and drinking!

    Colors: 6
  • The lightweight and durable SISU Case is well-ventilated and made from antimicrobial materials that inhibit bacteria growth during storage. Additional storage space is available for personal items and the carabiner handle adds even more utility and convenience!

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