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Mission has been and always will be known as the roller hockey company for roller hockey players. With their third generation of Inhaler Skates (NLS1, NLS2, NLS3, NLS4 and NLS5), they look to continue elevating the bar of roller hockey skate performance, comfort and style.

Mission NLS Roller Hockey Skates

Mission Hockey is back at it again but this time, they're offering a full composite boot on only the top of the line skate, but the second price point too! The Mission Inhaler NLS1 and the Mission Inhaler NLS2 skates boast two of the stiffest quarter packages on the market with the exclusive Curv composite material. This stiff boot not only allows players to explode through each stride with more power, but it is one of the most heat moldable materials on the market as well.
  • The Mission Inhaler NLS1 Skates are the top of the line model in this third generation of Inhalers. For the first time ever, an Inhaler skate utilizes a featherlight Curv composite quarter package that delivers some of the most explosive power the market has ever seen. Aside from the pro-level stiffness and support it offers, the anatomically-correct fit profile does a great job of naturally contouring to the foot which is then truly taken to the next level once the boot is heatmolded. 

  • The Mission Inhaler NLS2 Skate debuts an exciting Curv Composite boot that's not only lightweight and very heatmoldable, but it's also significantly stiffer than most traditional materials. This added stiffness and support is felt through each stride and is translated into more power since it is one of the most efficient materials at transferring energy. 


  • The Mission Inhaler NLS3 Skate offers a good balance between high-end performance and cost-effectiveness. Mission utilized a traditional Tech Mesh quarter package that provides high-end support without being extremely stiff like modern composite boots. Since its also fully thermoformable, players will feel excellent out of the box comfort without a long break-in time.

  • The Mission Inhaler NLS4 Skate boasts a quality quarter package made of 3D TrueForm Tech PU. It was built with a very anatomical shape so that the skate closely hugs the foot from top to bottom, front to back, which eliminates negative space. This not only improves energy transfer, it also provides players with a more comfortable and natural fit.


  • The Mission Inhaler NLS5 Skate provides a good jump in support and stability with the reinforced woven nylon quarter package. Mission built the NLS5 with a very anatomical fit, meaning it closely hugs to foot to minimize negative space, resulting in better energy transfer and a more natural fit. 

  • The Mission Inhaler NLS6 Skate is built for the beginner or recreational player who wants good performance and comfort at a reasonable price. It features Mission's exclusive Hi-Lo chassis and its aggressive forward pitch that provides some of the best agility and speed on the market. The Hi-Lo chassis holds 82A Hi-Lo Street wheels that can be used on all outdoor surfaces, including asphalt and concrete. 

Mission Inhaler DS Roller Hockey Skates

The Mission Inhaler DS skates are back in black, this time lighter and more customizable than ever before. The flagship Mission Inhaler DS1's are the lightest set of skates money can buy, while the rest of the Inhaler DS skates are on average 150 grams lighter than the competition's. The top four skates feature Interchangeable Heel Color Chips that allow players to quickly add a cool, custom touch to their skates. The second generation Mission Inhaler Line features the DS1, DS2, DS3, DS4, DS5, DS6 and the DS7 skates.
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