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CCM has made it's return in full form to the roller hockey skate market with the release of it's new RBZ Line. CCM's main goal is to make you Freakishly Fast by developing one of the fastest reacting skates on the market. CCM accomplished this by providing excellent stiffness throughout the Speed Core Quarter Package, which is only amplified by its excellent heat moldability for a true custom fit. The CCM Junior RBZ Roller Hockey Skate Line is composed of the RBZ 80, RBZ 70 and the RBZ 60. Compared to previous models, this line features a larger fit therefor if you wore a 2012 or older CCM in the past, it is recommended that you choose a 1/2 smaller in these 2013 CCM RBZ's roller skates. For even more information, check out our Insight Video above!
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CCM Tacks Roller Hockey Skates Junior

The CCM Tacks Roller Hockey Skates are designed for explosive acceleration and agility. The CCM Tacks feature AttackFrame boot construction that aggressively stores and releases energy as a player is skating, resulting in the fastest first five strides in hockey. The boot itself offers a standard or average volumous fit in the forefoot, heel and arch.
  • The CCM Tacks 5R52 Roller Hockey Skates are the middle price point model in the Tacks Line. They pack a lot of punch for the value, providing a stiff quarter package that is geared to unleash explosive strides. CCM used their upgraded AttackFrame™ quarter package with a Formula T4 inner core, which work to produce excellent power that will stand the test of time. 

  • The CCM Tacks 3R52 Roller Hockey Skates are the entry level model in the new Tacks Line. They feature a new AttackFrame Chassis that puts players in the optimal skating position, which results in explosive speed and aggressive cornering. The nylon AttackFrame quarter package works with the Formula T3 inner core for solid stiffness, support and comfort throughout. 


CCM RBZ Roller Hockey Skates Junior & Youth

The CCM RBZ Roller Hockey Skates are built with one goal in mind, pure speed. The SpeedCore Quarter Package boasts serious stiffness for an efficient energy transfer process, plus it heat molds extremely well to all shapes of feet. These RBZ's are the widest fitting skate from CCM; offering a wide fit in the forefoot and heel, a high arch and a deep ankle pocket.
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