Easton Hockey has made a strong push to try to take over the ice hockey skate market with the release of the Easton Mako Ice Skate. This work of art took years of intense research, resulting in a skate that allows players to reach their full stride's potential without being inhibited by the quarter package. The ExTendon Tendon guard is fully flexible to allow for a complete toe snap process unlike most other skates, likewise with the asymmetrical quarter package that allows players to lean even further over on their edges in one direction and gives them a solid support to create power from in the other direction. The Stealth Series of ice hockey skates follow a more traditional design but has the same goal in mind, pure speed.

Easton MAKO Ice Hockey Skates

  • The Easton Mako II Ice Hockey Skates are an evolution of the original Mako skate that took the market by storm. This Easton Mako II is geared for the player who strives to take advantage of every second, of every shift. Every piece of it's construction is designed to offer a complete range of motion, providing pure speed and aggressiveness. 

  • The Easton Mako M8 Ice Hockey Skates offer numerous top-notch technologies without the top-notch price tag. This Mako M8 utilizes a carbon fiberglass quarter package that is very hard to beat at this price point. The quarter is quite comparable to the original Mako I, it reacts extreme well to heat molding and maximizes power through key design elements that give it an extensive amount of free range of motion. 

Easton Stealth Ice Hockey Skates

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