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The Bauer Vapor Roller Hockey Skate Line aims to help players be as quick and agile on their feet as possible. The tapered fit of the Bauer Vapor Skates consists of a standard fitting toe box with a narrow V-fit in the heel and ankle for a great heel lock. The flagship APX2R skate boasts Bauer's premier 3D-lasted Curv Composite Quarter Package and the Hi-Lo Aluminized Kryptonium Frame. The rest of the Bauer Vapor Roller Skate Line includes the X90R, X70R, X60R, X50R and X40R models that also feature the signature Vapor X-Rib design and Tapered Fitting boot.

Bauer Roller Hockey Skates Junior & Youth

  • The Bauer Vapor X90R Roller Hockey Skates are perfect for the advanced level player who's looking for an affordable advanced level skate. The X90R features a full fiber composite outsole and an Ultra-Lightweight Tech-Mesh quarter package to provide an elite-level of stiffness and responsiveness.

  • The Bauer Vapor X60R Roller hockey Skate is a great middle of the pack skate that features good performance and value. The X60R utilizes a Sublimated Tech Nylon quarter package with the signature Vapor X-Rib design. This X-Rib gives a player excellent support and stability, allowing them to get the most out of each and every stride.

  • The Bauer Vapor X50R Roller Hockey Skate offers good performance and versatility. The X50R features the Hi-Lo™ Vanguard™ Violater Frame that holds Hi-Lo™ Multi-Surface wheels, allowing them to take advantage of indoor and outdoor surfaces. The Two-Piece White Felt Tongue provides a comfortable feel as well as good protection for the top of the foot.

  • The Bauer Vapor X40R Roller Hockey Skate is the entry level model in the Bauer Vapor Line. This X40R showcases the signature Vapor X-Rib design that provides stability and support for the entire boot. The Hi-Lo™ frame utilizes Hi-Lo™ 82A outdoor wheels so that these skates can be used on just about any surface.

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