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Alkali RPD Roller Hockey Skates Senior

Alkali Hockey is back with their second generation RPD + Line. The top of the line RPD Max+ and RPD Shift+ Skates showcase a new Purlyn quarter package that offers even more stiffness, support and impact-resistance than before. These skates, as well as the rest of the line, consisting of the RPD Team+, RPD Comp+, RPD Crew+ and the RPD Lite+, utilize Alkali's Movement Chassis that provides top-notch power and stability. The second wheel from the toe recesses into a specific wheel cutout in the outsole; this lowers a player's center of gravity and allows them to turn on a dime.
  • The Alkali RPD Max + Roller Hockey Skates are the premier model in the Alkali RPD + Line. They feature Alkali's new Purlyn boot construction, the only magnesium straight frame set up on the market and premium Labeda Addiction wheels. The combination of these elements make for an elite level skate that is bursting at the seams with agility, power and turning aggressiveness. 


  • The Alkali RPD Shift + Roller Hockey Skates feature Alkali's new top of the line boot with it's Purlyn quarter package construction. This new material is an all-in-one package; it's very lightweight and fully heatmoldable, it offers a ton of stiffness for skating power it is more impact resistant than ever before. 

  • The Alkali RPD Crew + Roller Hockey Skates pack a ton of value for the price. The nylon quarter package offers plenty support for the beginner or recreational player, plus it's fully heatmoldable for a truly customized fit. Alkali designed the quarter to put players in a natural hockey stance by reducing toe spring and giving the boot an aggressive yet still comfortable forward pitch.

  • The Alkali RPD Lite R Roller Hockey Skates feature ton of value for an entry-level skate. Alkali used a heat moldable quarter package that gives the beginner or casual skater plenty of support and stiffness. The pro-inspired, two-piece white felt tongue has injected high-density foam through the center; providing enhanced comfort and protection.

Alkali RPE Roller Hockey Skates Senior

Alkali Hockey now offers two different fit profiles for players to choose from. The RPE Line, composed of the RPE Zenith+ skate, the Visium+ skate and the Rival+ skate, are built for those with a wider forefoot, a higher instep or for those who simply want a more relaxed overall fit. Just like the RPD+ Line, the RPE skates utilize a Purlyn quarter package and its excellent heat molding capabilities. Alkali also brought over the recessed second wheel design that lowers your center of gravity for better balance, more aggressive turning and more effective responsiveness.
  • The Alkali RPE Rival+ Roller Hockey Skates provide more value than most at this reasonable price point. The lightweight nylon quarter package offers more than enough stiffness and support for the performance-level player. Just like the rest of their skates, the Rival+ heat molds extremely well for a true personalized fit. 

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