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CCM Hockey has built up a mean two-headed monster for their roller hockey skate line. The new CCM JetSpeed skates were built from the inside out to provide players with the most anatomical and contouring fit possible. The CCM Tacks skates have a more traditional fit and offer the fastest first 5 strides in all of hockey due the stiff, AttackFrame quarter package.

CCM Jetspeed Roller Hockey Skates Senior

The CCM JetSpeed Roller Hockey Skates debut an all-new fit profile for CCM. These JetSpeeds were designed to hug a player's foot as anatomically correct as possible, thereby reducing negative space within the boot. With this new contouring fit, players will feel even more responsiveness and explosiveness right out of the gate.
  • CCM JetSpeed Roller Hockey Skates are the flagship model in the JetSpeed Line, offering pro-level performance, stiffness and comfort. The skate utilizes a RocketFrame Composite Quarter Package with a SpeedCore 2 that showcases a totally reengineered and anatomical boot shape. With its newfound contouring design, these JetSpeeds are even more responsiveness and powerful than ever before!

  • The CCM JetSpeed 280R Roller Hockey Skates are a great choice for anyone who's looking for price-sensitive wheels that can perform at an advanced level. The JetSpeed 280R showcases a Synthetic Action Form quarter package with a totally redesigned anatomical fit,  giving players newfound responsiveness with it's strategically contoured shape. The 280R also features a pro-style, two-piece white felt tongue with injected foams, providing better protection and a more comfortable feel. 

  • The CCM JetSpeed 270R Roller Hockey Skates utilize a durable tech-mesh quarter package that not only provides a big jump in support and stability, but it also debuts the completely redesigned anatomical fit profile. CCM built this skate from the inside out, designing it in such a way that it closely hugs and wraps around a player's foot, greatly enhancing responsiveness and power.


CCM Tacks Roller Hockey Skates Senior

The CCM Tacks Roller Hockey Skates are designed for explosive acceleration and agility. The CCM Tacks feature AttackFrame boot construction that aggressively stores and releases energy as a player is skating, resulting in the fastest first five strides in hockey. The boot itself offers a standard or average volumous fit in the forefoot, heel and arch.
  • The CCM Tacks 5R92 Skates are the top of the line price point in the next generation Tacks Line. The Synthetic Power Form Composite boot offers a significant upgrade in terms of stiffness and thermoformability. The 5R92 provides solid rigidity and support for the heel, which promotes powerful and explosive strides. 

  • The CCM Tacks 3R92 Skates are an excellent choice for the casual or new to hockey player. It features a higher-end Synthetic Tech Form quarter package that provides more stiffness and support, allowing for better energy transfer and an overall longer life span. The sweet looking two-tone microfiber liner is soft to the touch but does a solid job of wicking away moisture inside the boot. 

  • The CCM Tacks 1R92 Skates feature higher-end technologies and materials not typically found at this price point. Unlike the competition, the Tacks 1R92's boast a one-piece, aluminum FastFrame chassis. While most others are two-piece, this one-piece will be lighter as well as stronger too! It holds 82A outdoor wheels and Abec 5 bearings that can be used on asphalt and concrete surfaces. 

  • The CCM Tacks Roller Hockey Skates are the premier model in the Tacks Line and were designed to provide the most explosive acceleration around. The Carbon Twill Composite AttackFrame quarter package and the magnesium AttackFrame Chassis are the most essential features that help give this skate the fastest first 5 strides in hockey. 

CCM RBZ Roller Hockey Skates Senior

The CCM RBZ Roller Hockey Skates are built with one goal in mind, pure speed. The SpeedCore Quarter Package boasts serious stiffness for an efficient energy transfer process, plus it heat molds extremely well to all shapes of feet. These RBZ's are the widest fitting skate from CCM; offering a wide fit in the forefoot and heel, a high arch and a deep ankle pocket.
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