Skate Fenders are the ultimate protection for your feet from skates, sticks and any other possible impacts. Made in different sizes, you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Skate Fenders protectors are made from high grade polycarbonates that are lightweight and help disperse high energy impacts that could cause foot injury.

Skate Fenders Exterior Skate Protection

  • The Skate Fenders Pro offer an even higher grade of polycarbonate construction for stronger and more flexible protection than the standard Skate Fenders while being even slightly lighter, which is why they have the darker tint color. The Skate Fenders Pro provide more impact energy dissipation and still have all the same great features of the standard model. The Skate Fenders Pro are designed to protect the feet against pucks, sticks and other mayhem. 

  • The Skate Fenders Compact Pro offers great low-profile protection to the front and sides of your skates. The Compact Pro fenders are cut down, focusing the protection on the tongue and ankle areas making them lighter.  The Skate Fenders are made out of a higher grade polycarbonate providing great impact energy dissipation and giving it that dark tinted color.

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