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SpeedTrac carries the ultimate shot trainer, the Puck Speed Radar, allowing you to track your shot speed with great accuracy. This radar is easy to use and can be taken anywhere so you can track your progress anywhere, anytime. If you're tired of buying batteries, SpeedTrac also offers an AC adapter so you can plug it right in and charge it.

SpeedTrac Radar and Accessories

  • The SpeedTrac X Puck Speed Radar is an easy way to gauge your shot so you can see your improvement and develop your shot power further. This speed radar utilizes integrated DRO radar speed measurement technology so you will get the most accurate reading possible.

  • The SpeedTrac Radar A/C Power Supply is exactly what you need to operate your SpeedTrac X Speed Radar without batteries. Just plug it into the radar and you're ready to operate. Use this power supply only with the SpeedTrac X as other A/C adapters may damage the radar.

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