IW Hockey offers a huge selection of hockey goalie blockers to fit the needs of every goaltender including various levels of protection, sizes and styles. Choose from various leading name brands Bauer, Vaughn, CCM, Reebok and more. For more information on sizing and fit check out the IW Learning Center page.

Bauer Hockey Goalie Blockers Senior

  • The Bauer Reactor 4000 Goalie Blocker provides goaltenders with advanced level protection and offers similar construction and design as the Bauer's top of the line Reactor 6000. The Reactor line is geared towards hybrid / battlefly style goaltenders that tend to be more aggressive in the net, constantly challenging the shooter.

    Colors: 3
  • The Bauer Reactor 4000 Goalie Blocker has been scaled down to fit intermediate goaltenders and offers advanced level protection. The Reactor 4000 goal blocker is designed for goaltenders that are constantly challenging the shooter and are willing to do whatever it takes to make the save.

    Colors: 3
  • The Bauer Reactor 2000 Goalie Blocker features a Hybrid/Battlefly style design thats perfect for aggressive goaltenders that prefer to challenge the shooter. The Reactor 2000 blocker provides protection up to the intermediate levels of play and the lightweight construction optimizes performance.

    Colors: 7
  • The Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Blocker offers advanced level protection and materials similar to the Bauer TotalONE. The One90 is designed for the butterfly style goalie, constructed from lightweight yet durable materials delivering maximum net coverage.

    Colors: 1
  • The Bauer Reflex Street Goalie Blocker offers super lightweight protection for recreational street hockey and ball hockey goaltenders. The outer shell is constructed with nylon materials with the Reflex design and logos screen printed on.

    Colors: 1

Vaughn Hockey Goalie Blockers Senior

  • The Vaughn Ventus LT90 Pro Goalie Blocker features unique design elements as well as top of the line professional level protection and materials. The Ventus LT90 blocker is custom hand crafted in Canada with Pro Spec construction meeting all NHL requirements.

    Colors: 2
  • The Vaughn Ventus LT80 Goalie Blocker is constructed from durable materials and advanced level performance features. The Ventus LT80 blocker offers a similar protection and feel as the Vaughn Vision 9400.

    Colors: 4
  • The Vaughn Velocity V5 7490i Goalie Blocker is specifically sized to provide the ideal board dimension, hand sizing and protection for the younger more advanced goalkeepers. The Velocity V5 7490i goalie blocker is similar to the senior version, offering many of the same protective features and materials.

    Colors: 1

CCM Hockey Goalie Blockers Senior

  • The CCM Extreme Flex Pro Goalie Blocker delivers top of the line pro level protection, developed in part by Montreal Canadiens Carey Price. CCM's new Extreme Flex Pro blocker is extremely lightweight and responsive, designed to increase mobility for improved stick handling and accuracy.

    Colors: 1
  • The CCM Extreme Flex 500 Goalie Blocker was designed by the legendary Levevre family with the help of Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens. The lower hand position and open cuff design helps maximize wrist mobility for improved stick handling and passing accuracy.

    Colors: 2

Reebok Hockey Goalie Blockers Senior

Warrior Hockey Goalie Blockers Senior

Mission Hockey Goalie Blockers Senior

  • The Mission SLYDE Series Goalie Blocker is extremely lightweight yet offers pro level roller hockey protection. The SLYDE blocker is geared towards the butterfly style goaltender but will benefit any style of play because of the lightweight protective materials used.

    Colors: 2

Tour Hockey Goalie Blockers Senior

  • The Tour Evolution 6000 Goalie Blocker is specifically designed for the street hockey goalie playing at the recreational level. The Tour 6000 line of street hockey equipment offers good protection and features that will help you make saves like never before.

  • The Tour 400 Goalie Blocker is specifically designed for ball or recreational street hockey. The Tour 400 offers a lightweight design that allows goaltenders to make quick precise blocker saves.

    Colors: 1

Mylec Hockey Goalie Blockers Senior

  • The Mylec 7000 Ultra Lite Goalie Blocker offers a great lightweight feel along with protection suitable for street hockey or entry level roller hockey. The Mylec 7000 Ultra Lite blockers use a synthetic leather material in the face, with additional leathers stitched on for a high quality look.

    Colors: 1

Franklin Street Hockey Blockers Senior

  • The Franklin 1400 Goalie Blocker is a great choice for the dek, ball and street hockey goaltenders. The ACD vented Pro-Flex cuff provides goaltenders with great mobility and breathability to keep them cool and comfortable during a heated game.

    Colors: 1
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