Wood Hockey Sticks are the classic, traditional way to play but are now available with a few different blade constructions. Standard Wood Sticks come with a traditional wood blade that offer the best puck feel and can be used on most surfaces. Nylon Wood Sticks feature a plastic blade and are best used for street or ball hockey on the driveway.

Sherwood Wood Hockey Sticks Intermediate

  • Sherwood 5030 Wood Hockey Sticks Int

    The Sherwood PMP 5030 Wood Hockey Stick features legendary roots and quality Canadian made construction. The shaft utilizes an Aspen wood core with an Ash wood blade, providing players with a traditional feel for the puck and modern day durability. 

Mylec ABS Wood Hockey Sticks

Mylec Hockey carries their popular Eclipse Jet-Flo wood street hockey stick that is great for kids of all ages that want a solid stick to shoot with. The plastic blade lasts a long time on concrete and asphalt so you can play for hours. The blades are also replaceable so you can get a new blade without having to buy a brand new stick.
  • Mylec Eclipse Jet-Flo Nylon Wood Street Hockey Sticks
    • Stick Length: 43", 48" & 53" 
    • Available Flexes: YTH, JR & SR
    • Blade Type: Nylon
    • Level of Play Guideline: Recreational


    The Mylec Eclipse Jet-Flo Nylon and Wood Street Hockey Sticks are perfect for driveway and street hockey games. At such an affordable price, the Jet-Flo stick is a great way to get the kids together and to introduce them to the great game of hockey. The Mylec Eclipse street stick has replaceable blades that save you money so you don't have to purchase a whole new stick once the blade wears out. 

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