Mission Hockey has once again returned to the stick game, aiming to provide players with a roller-specific hockey stick that can blow away the competition. The Mission Stir Line features a powerful mid-kick point that offers an explosive shot, ideal for bombing big slap shots and one timers. The flagship Mission Stir D1 features an “Amped-UP” flex profile that works by stiffening the lower portion of the stick to allow players to fully load the stick quicker without losing power. The final touch on the Mission Stir D1 and Stir D5 hockey sticks is that the three available curves are named after Mission-Bauer roller hockey professionals; Raf Rodriguez (PM9), Kirk French (P88) and Nielsson Arcibal (P92).
Traditional Contoured Tapered Traditional Contoured Tapered Flexible Contoured Tapered Flexible Contoured Tapered Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured
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