SuperFeet are the makers of Synergizer premium skate insoles that provide excellent support and comfort. SuperFeet are designed to keep your foot aligned correctly which creates less muscle fatigue and adds to the overall balance and support you feel with each stride.

Superfeet Hockey Skate Footbeds

  • The SuperFeet Carbon Pro Hockey Insoles are designed for the performance-driven hockey player. SuperFeet built on the major success of the Yellow Synergizer insoles to provide even better edge control, energy transfer and odor management. The Carbon Pro's new FlyBridge and EvoLyte stabilizer cap are carbon-reinforced for enhanced rigidity but the unique shape also better supports the foot. 

  • The SuperFeet Synergizer Hockey Insoles adapt your boot's two-dimensional midsole to your three-dimensional foot for unparalleled support, stability and comfort. SuperFeet built this low-profile footbed with an elevated heel cup, which helps increases forward pitch while providing a high-performance stability through the heel. The biomechanically shaped foams and the plastic Stabilizer Cap combine to offer supreme cushioning that is strategically supported for premium power. Outside of performance, these footbeds have anti-microbial coating that prevents nasty odor-causing bacteria from forming. 

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