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Traditional Hockey Neck Guards are most common among Youth hockey players because of the additional protection and padding they provide. All models are BNQ Certified and while some leagues may not require using a neck guard, we highly recommend it.

Traditional Neck Guards

  • The CCM RBZ 300 Hockey Neck Guard utilizes a Dyneema™ cut resistant material around the neck guard to prevent any cut injuries while still maintaining good breathability. The 2-piece design moves with your neck without restricting mobility and it adjusts using a Velcro strap. (BNQ Certified).

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  • The CCM RBZ 100 Hockey Neck Guard is a simple neck protector that uses 1680 denier polyester to prevent cut injuries. The arched design contours to your neck for a better fit. Adjusts by a velcro strap. (BNQ Certified).

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  • The Bauer NG NLP7 Core Neck Guard provides solid protection against skate blade cuts by using a reinforced polyester exterior in the neck guard. This next generation neck guard has a padded interior for comfort and the Thermo Max+ liner wicks away moisture and prevents odor. BNQ & CE certified.

  • The Bauer NG NLP8 Core Neck Guard w/Bib utilizes tough reinforced polyester around the outside for skate cut protection. This neck guard also includes a bib for extra coverage and comfort. The interior liner uses Thermo Max+ technology that has excellent moisture management and prevents and odors.  BNQ & CE certified.


  • The Easton EQ5 BNQ Hockey Neck Guard Collar is thinly designed and offers an excellent comfortable feel. Easton uses an entire Kevlar® construction in the inside for ideal cut protection. The EQ5 hockey neck guard is hardly noticeable compared to traditional neck guards. (BNQ Certified)

  • The Easton Hockey Neck Guard Collar features a very lightweight design that consists of a moisture wicking liner with cut resistant outer materials. (BNQ Certified)


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  • The Reebok 7K hockey neck guard offers pro protection in a comfortable design. Two-Piece constructions allows for more neck movement. Ballistik Nylon and 3MM foam offers cut protection that's built to last. (BNQ Certified)

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