Traditional Hockey Neck Guards are most common among Youth hockey players because of the additional protection and padding they provide. All models are BNQ Certified and while some leagues may not require using a neck guard, we highly recommend it.

Traditional Neck Guards

  • The Easton Hockey Neck Guard Collar features a very lightweight design that consists of a moisture wicking liner with cut resistant outer materials. (BNQ Certified)


    Colors: 2
  • The Reebok 7K hockey neck guard offers pro protection in a comfortable design. Two-Piece constructions allows for more neck movement. Ballistik Nylon and 3MM foam offers cut protection that's built to last. (BNQ Certified)

  • The Reebok 4K Hockey Neck Guard Collar features a comfortable and light design. The 1680D polyester exterior protects against cuts while the soft mesh liner prevents irritation. (BNQ Certified)

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