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Tour Hockey carries Goalie Gear for players just starting out, or advanced level players. They carry leg pads, catchers, blockers, roller hockey goalie skates, chest and arm protectors and goalie gear bags so you're always prepared.

Tour Recreational Goalie Leg Pads

Tour offers a wide selection of Recreational Hockey Goalie Gear. Tour's Recreational Leg Pads are specifically designed for non-competitive outdoor use, perfect for goaltenders looking for affordable lightweight protection. For additional information on Sizing or Selecting a goalie leg pad check out the IW Learning Center page.
  • The Tour Invader 150 Goalie Leg Pad are designed specifically for goaltenders playing recreational street hockey and ball hockey. Heavy-duty nylon materials are used throughout the face of these pads for improved durability when playing on rough outdoor surfaces.

    Colors: 1
  • The Tour Invader 150 Goalie Leg Pads are designed specifically for youth recreational street, ball and dek hockey. Heavy-duty nylon materials used on the face of these pads improves durability, perfect for playing on rough outdoor surfaces.

    Colors: 1
  • The Tour 400 Goalie Leg Pad provides good protection and comfort for the entry to rec-level roller and street hockey goalie. Tour's lightweight design allows the goaltender to make quick precise saves and the reinforced stitching construction offers a higher level of durability.

Tour Hockey Goalie Catchers Junior & Youth

IW Hockey offers various Youth and Junior Tour Goalie Catchers for the budget minded goalie.Tour Goalie Catchers provide suitable protection for Recreational Street or Inline Hockey Goaltender. For more information on sizing and fit check out the IW Learning Center page.

Tour Hockey Goalie Blockers Senior

IW Hockey offers various Tour goalie blockers for the budget minded goalie. Tour goalie blockers provide suitable protection for the recreational street and ball hockey goaltender. For more information on sizing and fit check out the IW Learning Center page.
  • The Tour Evolution 6000 Goalie Blocker is specifically designed for the street hockey goalie playing at the recreational level. The Tour 6000 line of street hockey equipment offers good protection and features that will help you make saves like never before.

Tour Roller Hockey Goalie Skates

  • The Tour Thor G1 Roller Hockey Goalie Skates provide excellent performance at a great value price. The Thor G1 goal skates use a new surlyn material in the quarter package to provide a stiff feel but at a lighter weight. Tour has introduced their own 59mm Tour Thor Guardian goalie wheel on with these skates along with BEVO Abec 9 bearings.

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