Standard Hockey Blades are designed to work ONLY with Standard Hockey Shafts. Here at IW Hockey, we carry a wide selection of Traditional Blades, ranging from Full Composite Blades for indoors, full ABS Fiberglass Blades for outdoors, Traditional Wood Blades for a classic feel and Crossover Blades for benefits of both ABS and Wood Blades.

Bauer Standard Hockey Blades Junior

Bauer Standard Hockey Blades are designed to work with Standard Hockey Shafts only. Bauer offers a variety of models from the popular Vapor and Supreme lines.
  • The Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Traditional Composite Hockey Blade is an excellent choice for any young player who wants sensational puck feel in a lightweight package. The MX3 blade utilizes Bauer's exclusive TeXtreme™ Carbon Fiber that is 20% lighter than traditional carbon while maintaining top notch durability. The Aero-Foam 3 blade core gives the player a superb feel for the puck in the hands

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  • The Bauer i300 ABS Traditional Hockey Blades are constructed of high-strength ABS fiberglass, allowing them to withstand a beating from rough outdoor surfaces like concrete and asphalt. 

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Frontier Standard Hockey Blades Junior

  • The Frontier F-Blue ABS Standard Hockey Blades are constructed of a full ABS core with additional fiberglass reinforcement, giving players excellent durability with top notch stiffness. The strong ABS core allows this blade to be used on any kind of outdoor surface, including concrete and asphalt. 
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