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Under Armour Hockey Skate Socks

  • The Under Armour HeatGear Hockey Elite Socks are an excellent choice for the player who is trying to get the most out of their skates. These socks do it all; they enhance foot-to-skate traction, prevent toe irritation, and keep your feet dry and smelling good! With the amount of technology Under Armour put into these socks, they will be hard to beat!

    Colors: 1
  • The Under Armour Performance Skate Socks are a medium-thickness sock that balances performance and comfort. The hockey skate sock is constructed of ArmourDry™ with ArmourBlock™ technology, which wicks away moisture, speeds up evaporation, and prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming. The UA Performance socks use a Charged Cotton® footbed that is as comfortable as cotton, but with a quicker drying time. Under Armour uses no seams in the toe for the best and most comfortable fit. 

    Colors: 3
  •  The Under Armour Circulare II Compression Skate Socks are a high-performance skate sock that helps to stabilize leg muscles, speeding recovery time and blood circulation. The Circulare II socks also utilize ArmourBlock™ and ArmourDry™, which keep feet dry and odor-free. Lastly, the embedded Arch Support reduces foot fatigue while increasing comfort. 

    Colors: 2
  • The Under Armour Cut Resistant Compression Skate Socks provide excellent features to elevate your protection and performance. These socks utilize DuPont® Kevlar™ fibers in the designated yellow area on the sock to resist cuts from skate blades. 


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