Feel the Acceleration with the Bauer Vapor APX2 and X80 Limited Edition Hockey Sticks. The Vapor Family offers a lightning quick shot release with it's low kick point that is optimized for deadly snap and wrist shots. Other limited edition sticks sometimes use paint for the LE graphics, which can add unnecessary weight to a stick. Bauer's exclusive TeXtreme Carbon Fiber in the APX 2 LE actually has that brushed metal look so it can maintain Vapor's signature featherweight feel and extraordinary performance.

Bauer Vapor Limited Edition Hockey Sticks

  • Bauer Vapor X80 LE Grip Hockey Sticks Jr Left

    The Bauer Vapor X80 LE Grip Hockey Sticks offer the same technologies and features as the standard Vapor X80 but with a sweet dipped-metal look. This Limited Edition stick uses the same Intelli-Sense Kick Point and Pure Shot Blade Profile that are also found on the Vapor APX2 stick. The Junior Stick length is 50" and is available in a 45 and 50 flex with a Griptac (grip) finish.

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