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IW Hockey offers Youth and Junior Vaughn Goalie Catchers to fit the goaltenders needs. Choose from various styles, a wide range of colors and level of protection that's right for your particular playing style and preference. For more information on sizing and fit check out the IW Learning Center page.

Vaughn Hockey Goalie Catchers Junior & Youth

  • The Vaughn Ventus LT68 Goalie Catcher is a very high quality glove that is suitable for advanced junior level play. The LT68 has many of the same features that are seen on the adult level LT88 catcher, but with a scaled down size and weight to better suit younger goaltenders.

    Colors: 3
  • The Vaughn Ventus LT58 Goalie Catcher has an extremely high level of protection, allowing the goaltender to play at the highest level of Youth competition. The LT58 has some of the excellent features found on the Junior and Adult models, but is further scaled down to perfectly accommodate young goalies.

    Colors: 2
  • The Vaughn Velocity V6 800 Goalie Catcher is designed for a young goaltender and has an easy break-in palm combined with a smaller shape to ensure easy and complete closure. The V6 800 catcher provides similar protection and performance to the senior models in the V6 series but in a scaled down size and weight to accommodate a younger person.

    Colors: 2
  • The Vaughn Velocity V6 700 Goalie Catcher is designed to better accommodate youth goaltenders by having its overall weight and size scaled down from the adult models.

    Colors: 1
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