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Vaughn is a leading manufacturer of Hockey Goalie Equipment. The Vaughn Ventus and Vaughn Velocity lines are specifically designed for the Hybrid style goaltender looking for maximum flex and mobility. IW Hockey offers a wide selection of sizes and various levels of protection to meet every goaltenders needs. For additional information on Sizing or Selecting a goalie leg pad check out the IW Learning Center page.

Vaughn Hybrid Goalie Leg Pads

  • The Vaughn Velocity V6 1100 Goalie Leg Pads offer advanced level protection and lightweight performance for the Hybrid or Butterfly goaltender. The V6 1100 leg pads have a brand new Pro Core inner foam technology throughout that greatly reduces pad shrinkage that occurs over time and helps maximize blocking surface. 

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  • The Vaughn Velocity V5 7990 Pro Goalie Leg Pads offer goalkeepers top of the line professional level protection and materials. The Vaughn VPG 7990 leg pads are an updated version of the previous years Vaughn Velocity V4 7900, offering hockey goalies the same outstanding performance.

    Colors: 1
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