Vaughn Hockey Goalie Catchers Senior

  • The Vaughn Ventus LT90 Pro Goalie Catcher provides top of the line materials and features for ultimate durability and protection. The Ventus LT90 goalie glove features an advanced anatomical design increasing performance through superior control, fit, feel and balance.

    Colors: 2
  • The Vaughn Ventus LT80 Goalie Catcher features an advanced anatomical design that improves the gloves balance, fit, feel and performance through superior control. The precision molded curved palm and thumb components that define the shape of the goalie glove provide superior catching power.

    Colors: 4

Vaughn Hockey Goalie Catchers Junior & Youth

  • The Vaughn Ventus LT60 Goalie Catcher is a junior sized glove that features a wide open shape and deep pocket design for puck control and retention. The Ventus LT60 junior goalie glove provides similar protection and features as the Ventus LT80 with the advantage of the scaled down size and weight for younger goaltenders.

    Colors: 1
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