Load. Release. Velocity. This is the recipe for a blazing quick shot release and deadly accuracy. Easton's new Velocity Hockey Stick Line gives players this by using the new HyperToe reinforced blade, three dual-lie curve offerings and two strategic tuned flex profiles to choose from. The new HyperToe blade uses a stiffened toe with a softened middle portion to create a diving board effect when shooting. The further out the puck is placed on the toe, the more velocity a player's shot will have. The HyperToe's benefits are fully utilized with one of the three dual-lie curves (E3, E28, and E36) which help to guide hockey players into using the correct blade angle and puck position for optimal shooting. The Easton Velocity Stick Line features two different flex profiles, the V9, V7 and V3 all use a traditional mid-taper while the V9E, V5E, and V1E all use an elliptical taper. The V9, V7 and V3 use a Mako II Taper for a powerful and quick shot release while the V9E, V5E and V1E use the Elliptical Taper that was seen on the RS II, offering a blazing quick shot release. Check out the Insight Video below where Easton's Product Manager discusses the in's and out's of this Velocity Line with Chase from IW.
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Easton V-Series Hockey Sticks

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