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Warrior Covert Low Kick Hockey Sticks Intermediate

  • Warrior Covert QR1 Grip Hockey Sticks Int

    The Warrior Covert QR1 Grip Hockey Stick is the premier model in the QR Line. After in-depth research with a leading University, Warrior was able to engineer this QR1 to have with their Quickest Shot Release yet. Not only does the Covert QR1 Stick release faster, Warrior significantly increased durability while lowering the weight to around 400 grams. The Intermediate Stick Length is 57" and is available in 55 and 70 flex with a grip stick finish.

  • Warrior Covert DT4 Grip Hockey Stick Int L

    The Warrior Covert DT4 grip hockey sticks offer good performance at a great price.  The Covert DT4 is a True1 piece hockey stick that features the Dagger Taper® providing a very low-kick point.  A lighter hosel and blade provide the DT4 with good balance and feel.  The Intermediate stick length is 57" and is available in a 70 flex with a grip coating.

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