Warrior provides a great shaft with new mid-kick techonology. The flex point is designed to be in the middle of the shaft for a quick, easy load and release. Whether you prefer slap, wrist, or snap shot, the Warrior Standard Hockey Shafts, result in a sizzling shot of any kind. Comprised of carbon thermoset, the Warrior Shafts are durable with a great and powerful feel.

Warrior Standard Hockey Shafts Senior

  • Warrior Dynasty HD 1S Grip Standard Hockey Shafts Sr

    The Warrior Dynasty HD1S Grip Standard Shaft provides ultimate shot power through Warrior's new HyperDrive Mid-Kick Technology. With the help of one of the leading composite universities, the HD1T features a designated loading zone near the middle point of the shaft that is engineered to load easily and to deliver serious velocity on all types of shots. The shaft is constructed of Warrior's premium carbon thermoset; ensuring top-notch responsiveness, feel and consistency. 

    • Shaft Length: 52"
    • Available Flexes: 85, 100 & 110
    • Weight: 308 grams (based on an 85 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Elite 
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