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Hockey shin guard’s sizes are broken down in measurements, for example 13”, 14” and 15”. The size measurement corresponds to the length from the center of the knee shell to the bottom of the shin guard. To select the right size shin guard all you need to due is measure from your kneecap to the top of your skate boot. The proper size shin guard should eliminate a gap in protection between the skate and shin guard, and the knee will rest in the center of the knee shell.

The information below is to be used as a guideline only and
DOES NOT guarantee fit. The chart is not specific to any item or brand.

Should an item have sizing guidelines provided by the manufacturer, they will be provided for you within the product description next to that item. In other words, if sizing guidelines are seen with the product description online, DO NOT reference the general guideline below.

Shin Guard Diagram
Measuring Guide
Size & Fit Guide

  • Measure from the center of the knee cap to the top of the skate boot. Match the player's shin size to the inches of the shinguards.
  • Player height is a secondary guideline. Shin size is primary
  • Shin guards are best fitted when player is sitting.
  • Ensure that the cap of the shin pad is centered on the knee cap. The calf padding should wrap around the lower leg.

Player Height
Player Height
Shin Size
Shin Size
3'4"-3'8" 100-110 8" 20
3'8"-4'0" 110-120 9" 23
4'0"-4'4" 120-130 10" 25
4'4"-4'8" 130-140 11" 28
4'8"-5'0" 140-150 12" 30
5'0"-5'4" 150-160 13" 33
5'4"-5'8" 160-170 14" 36
5'8"-6'0" 170-180 15" 38
6'0"-6'4" 185-190 16" 41
6'4"+ 190+ 17" 43
6'4"+ 190+ 18" 45

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