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The Reebok 11K hockey shin guards are the premier shin pads from Reebok offering pro level protection and fit. The famous JDP® knee cap and JOFA® shin shell keeps Reebok designed shin guards the perferred choice of NHL players. For 2011 Reebok has added the ZigTech liner to the 11k shin. Zig fibers increase circulation, increase blood oxygen levels, and promote muscle recovery. The 11k stays secure all game long with the neoprene calf strap and upper Lockstrap.

Reebok has introduced the ZigTech liner in the 11k shin pad. This liner features key Celliant fibers which have been clinically proven to enhance oxygen levels. This translates to better circulation and more energy so you can take your game to the next level. The liner also features a comfort based knee landing zone. The foam used on the liner is a very comfortable foam that almost has gel like feel when pressed. The liner is completely removable for drying and washing

Between the shell and liner is the JOFA® designed hockey cell foam. The improved H-Cell II is one of the most advanced foams on the market. It is specifically is designed keep its advanced level of protection game after game. The 11K features a dual layer calf wrap which contains the H-Cell II foam.

Reebok 11k shin guard has a two strap system to secure the pad.  The upper strap is made of a soft neoprene material running just below the knee.  The second strap wraps around the calf securing the lower portion of the pad.  This strap is also made of a neoprene material and is a three piece design.  Both straps are not removable.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: SG11K
  • Heritage: Reebok 10K
  • Level of Play: Ideal for advanced to pro level of play
  • Reebok sizing guidelines:
    Pad size / Player height 
    14" / 5'4"-5'7" 
    15" / 5'7"-5'10" 
    16" / 5'10"-6'2" 
    17" / 6'+




  • Protection:
    • JDP® knee cap
      • Joint Discharge Principle (JDP) - Disperses the force of impact away from the knee joint
    • JOFA® designed NHL shin cap - Uses a series of arches to give the pad maximum strength as well as preventing a direct impact and dispersing the energy from an impact
    • HyperX and Lockstrap work together to reduce the chance of hyperextension.
    • Molded JOFA® designed hockey cell foam
      • H-Cell II liner doesn't "bottom out" like other foams, and will maintain its advanced protection.
    • Extended ankle protection
    • Foam knee joint protection with Plastic insert
    • Double-layered calf wrap with removable molded PE cap
    • Removable thigh protector with plastic insert
  • Liner:
    • Removable ZigTech liner
      • Proven to increase oxygen levels by an average of 7%
      • Helps improve blood circulation and oxygen levels to promote enhanced muscle recovery
    • Comfort base molded knee landing zone
    • Full comfort liner with extra tibia support - Ensuring proper pad positioning 
  • Fit:
    • 2 strap system
    • Lock strap - 1.5" soft neoprene strap that wraps around the leg just below the knee
    • Bottom strap - Neoprene and nylon "V" design strap (3-point strap) wraps around the calf securing the lower portion of the pad to the leg
    • Air vents in the shin for increased air circulation
    • Kinetic fit system (KFS) 
      • Segmented protection that moves "intelligently" with the player
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Comments: Comments: These are about the most solid and protective shin guards you can get and an excellent choice for those who like to block shots or just want the best possible protection for their legs. The liner is cool and easy to dry after games and the shell combines to offer tank like protection that will let you shrug off most shots you're likely to face that aren't sent my Chara himself. The straps do a good job of securing the shin guards to your legs though the top strap that goes behind the knee can feel a little uncomfortable depending on how tight you want your shins. The calf guard is excellent and protects more of the calf than any other top end shin guard I've tried giving really good protection to the back of the leg. The only draw back to these shins will only be a draw back if you don't like the bulky nature of their construction. These are definitely not light and tapered in fit. They are tanks and will make your legs look twice as large easily. If you're looking for a small profile airy shin guard then these are not for you, but if you're looking for the best protection and don't mind some bulk, you can't do better.
From: Steve, Tampa, FL

Comments: Great guards and tons of protection. They air out nice after
games with the removable liners, and during games the hold tight and
have a nice guard on the back of the calf for those hacks you get. They
are fairly bulky but doesn't really hinder mobility. The top strap on
them can be a bit uncomfortable so I ended up taking mine off. Other
than that, they're awesome and have held up well to a good amount of
From: Jack, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Reebok is the best when it comes to protective gear. They don't breath very well but then again who needs good ventilation below your knees? I hate shin guards that move around while I'm skating, these don't have that problem at all. The 2 straps lock them in place on your legs, so shin guard tape is optional. I'm coming from CCM fit+03 and those felt like cardboard strapped onto my legs compared to these. These feel like landing on pillows when you fall on them, also the lining is removable for easy cleaning. Great Guards!
From: John, WA

Comments: I bought these shin guards after inadvertently involving myself a pretty nasty knee collision several years ago in my first generation RBK 4K shin guards and deciding they were no longer going to cut it. Suffice to say, these are a noticeable upgrade. While I remain skeptical of the supposed benefits of the ZigTech fibers, the liner on the inside is comfortable and does a good job of staying dry. Additionally, while the outside shows that there are air vents, the inside of the shin guard is a layer of solid foam, so I'm not sure what purpose they serve on these. The comfort base is also nice and seems to do a good job of keeping the knee in place. All of the foams and plastic feel like quality materials and the only area showing any wear after a year of use is where I put the shin guard over the top of the skate tongue. There is some added protection in the thigh and calf wrap, but thankfully they can be removed or adjusted as needed. The straps, sadly, are not removable without the aid of a good pair of shears. I know I'm a tape person, but I found the upper lockstrap particularly annoying. The side knee protection is also good and isn't intrusive like the Warrior Projekt or Reebok 8K Pro shins I've worn before. The only other issue I have with these shins is that they also aren't a very deep fitting shin. Even for a tall, lanky guy like myself, I don't find these to fit as deeply as the 4Ks I had before it. Luckily, I had a chance recently to examine the 9K shin guards (a notch below the 11Ks) which seem to have a much more accommodating fit and they also have a venting system that works. In conclusion then, if you have skinny calves and want the absolute best in protection, you'll be very pleased with the 11Ks. Personally though, I believe the 9Ks will fit more people better, will probably keep them cooler (if that is their aim), and they'll still get most of the protection with none of the drawbacks.
From: Kyle, Mount Joy, PA, USA

Comments: This is one of the best shin guards I've ever worn. I've tried a lot: Koho, Bauer, Easton to name a few. When I tried the Reebok on at the store one of the things that I immediately noticed was the secure fit. The thing I can't stand with other brands is that when you are on your knees other pads seem to shift and wobble from side to side rather than feeling secure. The REEBOK 11K are light, sturdy and no strechy elastic bands to worry about stretching out over time. The only potential flaw is the strength of the plastic hook the strap loops through. If pulled to tight, it will bend.
From: Eric S., Glendale, CA, USA

Comments: These fit great, great protection, although they're the first shin guards I've owned I'm not sure it get's much better. I don't even have to use tape to hold them in place. Great strap system and calf protection.
From: Wayne, FL

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