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The Reebok 7K hockey shin guard is a great price point knee pad from Reebok for 2011. Features on the 7k shin pad include a comfortable removable nylon liner, and 3 point strap system to keep the pad in place. As always, this Reebok shin guard comes with the famous JDP® knee cap and JOFA® shin shell. Great protection, comfort, and price is what the 7 shin guard has to offer for 2011.

The Liner on the 7k is made of very comfortable nylon. The liner is completely removable for drying and washing. The 7K shin pad uses the famous JDP® knee cap and JOFA® shin shell.  This shell designs result in excellent impact dispersion resulting in stronger more protection pads.  The Reebok shin shell has a less tapered design moving down into the ankle area than some of the other manufacturers.  This results in a slightly wider fit in the lower leg portion. 

Reebok 7k shin guard has a two strap system to secure the pad.  The upper nylon strap runs just below the knee. The second strap wraps around the calf securing the lower portion of the pad.  This elastic strap is a secure three-point design.  Both straps are not removable.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: SG7K
  • Heritage: Reebok 6K
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level of play
  • Reebok sizing guidelines:
    Pad size / Player height 
    14" / 5'4"-5'7" 
    15" / 5'7"-5'10" 
    16" / 5'10"-6'2" 




  • Protection:
    • JDP® knee cap
      • Joint Discharge Principle (JDP) - Disperses the force of impact away from the knee joint
    • JOFA® designed NHL shin cap - Uses a series of arches to give the pad maximum strength as well as preventing a direct impact and dispersing the energy from an impact
    • HyperX and Lockstrap work together to reduce the chance of hyperextension.
    • Extended ankle protection
    • Foam knee joint protection 
    • Calf wrap with segmented foam padding
  • Liner:
    • Removable soft nylon liner with knee donut
  • Fit:
    • 2 strap system
    • Lock strap - 1.5" soft neoprene strap that wraps around the leg just below the knee
    • Bottom strap - Elastic and nylon "V" design strap (3-point strap) wraps around the calf securing the lower portion of the pad to the leg
    • Air vents in the shin for increased air circulation
    • Kinetic fit system (KFS) 
      • Segmented protection that moves "intelligently" with the player
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Comments: Comments:Fantastic shin pads they offer a more than adequate protection for most players. It is very comfortable and fits nicely over the tongue of my skate. The ventilation through the pad is a nice touch, even though it doesn't allow a ton of air through. I usually notice it on ice or colder days. It does give a nice section of that pad that isn't flush against the skin holding in heat. I would probably fit best in a 13.5" shin pad, but the 14" fit great, though I did need to shorten the straps to give a better fit around my calfs. I know some players toss them, but I am grateful that they include straps that wrap behind the knee so I am not forced to use tape.
From: Mike, Sacramento, CA

Comments: Excellent shin pads for the price. They have just the right amount of protection without being too bulky (unlike many of the higher priced models). The material and venting is such that they don't absorb much moisture during my skates and dry very quickly afterwards. The anchor straps are easily adjustable and secure the pads nicely. The quality of the pad is good. I have worn mine for over a year (2-3 times/week) and have seen any significant deterioration of the pad. In my opinion the pads fit true to size. I am 6'1, wear my shin pads over my tongues and got the 16 inch pad which fits nicely. Overall, these a great pads and the price is very fair. I highly recommend them.
From: Paul, Action, MA

Comments: Overall great shin guards! Not too bulky, but at the same provide ample protection all the way around the calf. Great buy for the price point!!
From: Joey P., Elkhart, IN

Comments: Great shin pads, i love them, soo comfortable
From: Anthony, Australia

Comments: Great shin guards. These are very lightweight, breathable, and most-importantly very protective. I see no reason for buying the 9k's, as these are basically the same thing for less money. I don't even realize they are on me while on the ice. I have thick shins/ankles and these are perfect for me with the wider design. I originally bought the 16in pads, but had to exchange for the 15's which was a pain (I used Reeboks sizing guidelines), but am now fully satisfied. (I am 5'11 and wear my pads over my skate tongues). The leg straps work well and the strap that sits behind the knee is comfortable if you leave it a little loose. The fact that you can take out the lining and wash/dry it is nice and you can tell these are well-made pads. I definitely say these are a great buy, especially for someone with wider shins/ankle.
From: J, NY

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