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The Easton Stealth 55S ll soft elbow pads are the entry model in the Stealth line up.  The 55S ll soft elbow pads offer great protection for recreational to intermediate level play.  The 55S soft elbow pad is also a good choice for those players looking for a soft feeling, lightweight elbow pad.

The 55S soft elbow pad features a segmented bicep guard with mid-density foam and thick plastic inserts on the outside to protect the elbow joint and bicep while maintaining mobility.  The soft cap design features high-density foam with HDPE insert to provide good protection while maintaining a lightweight feel.  A molded plastic insert wraps around the forearm for both comfort and protection.  On the inside of the elbow cap a padded half doughnut keeps your elbow in the proper position.

  • Model Number: A139502
  • Heritage: Stealth 55S soft elbow pad
  • Level of Play: Ideal for recreational to intermediate level play
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines:
    Pad Size / Height
    Small/Medium/Large / 4' - 4'10"
    Medium/Large / 4'10" - 5'6"


  • Protection:
    • Soft cap elbow design with high-density foam and HDPE insert 
    • Segmented bicep guard with mid-density foam and thick plastic inserts
    • Molded plastic insert wraps around forearm
    • Extra layers of foam on elbow joints for added protection
  • Liner:
    • Traditional nylon liner
    • Padded half doughnut to keep elbow in the proper position
  • Fit:
    • Comfortable strap system ensures a secure fit
      • 1 1/2" elastic strap at the base of the slash guard
      • 1 1/2" elastic strap on the bicep guard
      • 3/4" elastic strap at the crease of the elbow
    • Lightweight feel
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