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The Easton Stealth 55S ll shin guards are the entry level model in the Stealth line up.  The 55S ll shin guard offers good protection with a low-profile design, great for recreational to intermediate level play.

The 55S ll shin guard has an ergonomic shin design, cradling the lower leg away from the outer shell allowing impacts to disperse before reaching your shin.  A low-density comfort knee pad keeps you comfortable and protected.  The 55S ll also features a large mid-density foam calf wrap with an 1 1/2 elastic strap to help keep your pad on tight.

  • Model Number: A139532
  • Heritage: Easton Stealth 55S
  • Level of Play: Ideal for recreational to intermediate level play.
  • Fit Guidelines: Contoured - Is a form fitting shin guard that reduces negative space maximizing movement
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines:
    Shin Pad Size / Player height
    14" / 5'4" - 5'8"
    15" / 5'8" - 6'
    16" / 6' - 6'4"
    17" / 6'4"+



  • Protection:
    • Anatomical, ribbed knee and shell design
    • Low-density comfort knee pad
    • Mid-density foam in thigh guard and calf wrap
  • Liner:
    • Traditional nylon liner
  • Fit:
    • Articulated knee cap allows for extra movement
    • Ergonomic shin allows for shin and knee to sit deeper and offer a more comfortable fit
    • Tapeline just below the knee allowing the tape to rest evenly resulting in secure fit
    • Contoured design keeps the pad resting close to the leg giving a less "bulky" feeling
    • Single strap
  • Weight: To be weighed upon arrival
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Comments: As others have said, awesome pads for the price. The only reason to upgrade from these is if you are really getting serious about your game. If you just play around for fun or on a budget, these are perfect. Good price, good comfort level, good protection, and stay on well if you use tape. I don't see any reason for me to upgrade or buy any other pads unless these break.
From: Justin, TN

Comments: I like these pads, though my legs aren't real bulky, I have to use tape on these since there's only one strap. Good protection, from the behind too!
From: Ed, PA

Comments: It has great protection for the right price. It stays on with the 1 nylon strap. Some tape for a greater feel.Overall a good product for a good price
From: Tommy, CA

Comments: I love these shin pads. They are awesome. I play once a week, and these are perfect for a house league. I have gotten hit, slashed and banged into the wall and a few players, and these pads have held up great. The price is amazing as well. They do not block my movement when I skate, so that is something nice to have since my old ones did do that. Overall, amazing amazing pads!! LOVE THEM!!
From: Melanie

Comments: These pads are amazing. I have gotten hit, slashed, and banged into the boards so many times, and the pads have held up great. They do however show marks of hits, but it does not effect the performance of these beauties. They also do not restrict my performance in anyway by slipping, or getting bulky. I love these!!!
From: Melanie

Comments: Great protection and use for the standard level of any type of player . Great affordable piece of equipment to greatly assist at protecting the knees and shins when it comes to physical contact as well.
From: Khalil, AZ, USA

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