Pro Guard Blade Butter Hockey Stick Wax
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Pro Guard Blade Butter Hockey Stick Wax

Pro Guard Blade Butter Stick Wax is offered in a applicator designed to insulate the wax from external debris and breakage while reducing the mess commonly associated with traditional application processes.

  • Prevents snow build-up improving stick handling, passing and shooting
  • Protects blade and prolongs life of tape
  • Water repellant
  • Grips puck to improve control
  • Puck stays on the blade longer
  • Increases rotation of the puck creating a harder pass/shot
  • For all ages and skill level
  • Easy to apply - Simply rub on the taped suface of the blade
  • Rubs on clear
  • Net Weight - 44 grams/container
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Comments: I use blade butter before every game and it works like a champ! The tape stays fresh and gives you a nice grip on the ice. I personally believe this stuff works better than sex wax.
From: Kyle, Boynton Beach, FL

Comments: It really works well. I am a newer player and it improved my stick handling.
From: Mark, NJ

Comments: This is a pretty cool product. It prevents water absorption
and increases puck control. It's really easy to use, and definitely
worth the money.

Comments: Repells water and ice great puck control but not as tacky as other waxes. Smells live yummy vanilla
From: Jack

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