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The Reebok Premier 4 Arm & Body is similar to the PRO version and offers very nice protection for goalies playing up to the advanced levels of ice hockey.

The Reebok P4 arm & body chest protector uses high quality materials throughout including synthetic leather, durable nylon and mesh materials for added breathability on the exterior. Poly plastic inserts and foams are used throughout the chest protector providing lightweight protection. The Premier 4 chest protector uses a dual shoulder cap setup using molded poly and foam offering contoured protection on the shoulder. The chest blocks utilize an anatomical design which allows the protection to contour to the body while maintaing excellent protection. Large shoulder floaters on either side of the chest offer very nice additional protection and the wide profile helps make the save. Added protection for your sternum comes from the floating sternum guard, able to disperse the impact energy over a larger portion of the chest blocks.

Several adjustment features have been included to ensure a snug fit with this chest protector. There are five elastic straps that secure your arm ensuring a custom and comfortable fit. This chest protector uses an two adjustable 1" elastic buckle straps to secure the fit around your midsection. Additional adjustment options have been included to the spine pad using two nylon straps allowing the goalie to adjust how the chest protector rests on the shoulders and addresses the front-to-back weight distribution. This chest protector allows for a lot of adjustability so you can customize the fit to your body.

The Reebok Premier 4 chest protector offers advanced level protection for goalies needing a lightweight pad that's durable. Reebok's know for constructing top of the line goalie equipment, and their gear is worn by some of the top goalies in the NHL.

  • Model Number: ABP4
  • Heritage: Reebok
  • Level of play:
    • Roller: Professional
    • Ice: Advanced
  • Construction
    • Nylon and breathable mesh material
      • Lightweight and durable
    • Nylon and elastic straps
    • Lightweight foams and poly inserts used for protection
  • Shoulder:
      • Large shoulder wings for increased net coverage
      • 1/2" thick
    • Molded poly shoulder caps
  • Chest:
    • SOLIDSEAL - Vertical chest blocks
      • Creates a tight arm-to-chest seal
    • Chest Adjustment
      • New chest design that sits higher on the body with Velcro front-to-back adjustment
    • Anatomically designed chest blocks
    • Sternum floater
      • Stiff plastic guard padded with pressed foam 
    • Extended rib protection
      • Wraps around protecting your lower back and rib area
    • Additional lower stomach flap
      • Additional abdominal protection
  • Arms:
    • Hinged arm floaters
      • Additional flexibility and protection
    • Arms are stitched onto main portion of the chest protector
      • Keeps the arms from sagging
    • JDP® (Joint Discharge Principal) elbow caps
      • Plastic caps disperse impact away from the elbow
    • Five adjustable 1" elastic straps
      • Upper arm strap
      • Two elbow straps
      • Forearm strap
      • Wrist strap
  • Back:
    • One-piece back construction
      • Provides improved fit, mobility, and protection
    • Full length back padding with plastic spine protection
      • Offers excellent back and spine protection
  • Weight:
    • 6.20lbs (Based on a Senior Medium)
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