Alkali RPD Lite Outdoor Hockey Wheels 72mm
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Alkali RPD Lite Outdoor Hockey Wheels 72mm

The Alkali RPD Lite Outdoor Hockey Wheel is constructed of a high-quality urethane that is tough enough to withstand harsh outdoor surface. 

The Alkali RPD Lite wheel is manufactured by Alkali Hockey and is features on the Alkali RPD Lite Roller Hockey Skate.

  • Ideal Playing Surface:  Asphalt, Concrete 
  • Fit Guidelines:  Standard hub wheel designed for the standard 608 bearing size
  • Wheel Profile: Tapered - Pointed, performance profile for speed and agility.
  • Construction:  Single Durometer
    • Smaller core design allows the outer urethane to flex maximizing grip.
  • Hub Size:  Standard 608
  • Hardness Available
    • 82A
  • Sizes Available: 
    • 59, 68, 72, 76, 80mm
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Comments: These wheels lasted me no more than 5 games. the front wheels literally split down the middle. I am disappointed in the quality of these wheels and would not recommend them.
From: Adam, Weston, FL

Comments: Replacement for Labeda Asphalt Wheel? Here's my first impression having skated on an outdoor painted asphalt rink in Half Moon Bay,  CA the past couple years. Labeda Asphalt is the go to wheel. Here's my Labeda vs Alkali opinion: These will set you back less money, but the big difference I noticed between the two is the Alkali wheel holds a turn with a crisper arc, whereas the Labeda starts to slide. The Alkali bites better when you stop. The Alkali wheel seems a little "rougher" ride and you feel the rinks imperfections more. One hour of hard practice did scuff them up, so I've yet to know how long they'll last. Best outdoor wheel I've used for this surface (so far). During this time we've tried wheels from Bauer, Hyper, Kryptonics, Labeda and Mission. Thumbs up Alkali
From: The Jackal, Pacifica, CA

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